Days 26 – 30: Marseille

(For context: wrote this yesterday but our Airbnb had terrible internet so I’m posting it now from Starbucks!)

We’ve spent three and half days in Marseille, and are so sad to leave tomorrow. We’re staying in an Airbnb that’s a studio apartment. We’ve cooked all our own meals, only eating out for snacks and desserts. We’re a short trail of stairs away from Notre Dame de la Garde, which is incredibly beautiful. And, the trail up has the most amazing views of the city and ocean. 

Tomorrow we’ll leave our Airbnb, kill a few hours, then take a 7hr bus to Genoa (which I’m having a really hard time not referring to as Genovia!). We’ll spend two nights there and then take another bus to Venice! Lots of fun stops coming up and I can’t wait!
Here’s a dump of photos, all from our three days in Marseilles:



One thought on “Days 26 – 30: Marseille

  1. All your photos are fabulous, but #9 & #10?! Make my heart sing. Please e-mail Your Mama the full resolution originals because I want to print them. 🌏 Cannot wait to read about your next adventure! 💛


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