Days 20 – 25: Barcelona

We love Barcelona, and have adopted the Spanish lifestyle of daily siestas. We have also eaten much more here than we have in other countries. Gelato is demanded at least twice daily.
We’ve spent our time wandering the city, finding awesome restaurants, and yesterday we visited Park Güell and Sagrada Familia.

Over our time here, we’ve:

Visited a Dali museum that we realized halfway through was mostly prints and replicas…

Kenzie fell in love with meat cones from the local street market…

We’ve met awesome/terrifying street performers…



Instant regret.


Had a “fancy” dinner and I tried gnochii for the first time. So good! And Kenz finally had paella!…

Stumbled upon a cool workspace/gallery where we met Ash (IG is @wansnap). Here’s a cool piece of his. Calligraffiti is by street artist Mugraff…

And just enjoyed the beautiful city, it’s architecture and the gorgeous water…

Yesterday marked the first family event I’ve missed due to travel. My favorite niece turned one and although it was weird not being there in person, I loved getting to FaceTime my family.

Happy birthday, tiny princess! 😘

Today we slept in, and are about to head out to grab my new favorite lunch, Falafel. Tomorrow, we’ll take a bus to Marseille and stay there for three nights in an Airbnb.

We can’t wait to get away from hostel life for a few days!


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