Days 16-20: Lisbon 

We’re about to board our flight to Barcelona, so here’s a quick update on our last four days!
On Friday we spent most of the day at the beach! On our walk from the metro to the beach, we met a group of french guys. They helped me surf/boogie board, and hung out with us for the day.

Our French friends

Next, we headed back to the hostel to make dinner and get ready for a night out. We decided to check out the bar that’s a converted brothel that we’ve heard so much about. We headed over with our friend Cal from our hostel, and met up with the French guys from earlier. The bar was very cool, but packed. We hung out for a bit, drank some overpriced drinks, then headed home since I was still a little under the weather.

A glimpse of the brothel

Saturday, we slept in. I ventured out once to grab some postcards, but overall it was just a lazy day at the hostel.
On Sunday, we headed back to the beach with Cal and our new friend Jackie. We had lunch and lots of drinks there. I got quite a bit of sun, and am loving it! We stayed to watch the sunset, and hunkered down in the sand with a pitcher of sangria. We ventured back to the hostel, where Cal made us a Mexican feast! We drank lots of wine and created a hybrid drinking game of Uno and Kings Cup that led to too much laughing and dancing on tables.

Monday was another lazy day. We laid low at the hostel and did some journaling and wrote post cards. One of our favorite girls at the hostel planned a Halloween party, so we did some last minute makeup and joined our friends for some sangria in the hostel bar. We ended the night with an incredible view of the city from our hostel rooftop. And, made a pact to all meet back in Lisbon in the summer of 2018.

This morning we woke up early, made a big breakfast with our friend Cal, packed up, and headed out for a final coffee and tosta (grilled sandwich).

Some final photos of the amazing Lisbon buildings:

The view from our bedroom window

Now, we’re waiting to board our flight to Barcelona, and are excited for a little more sunshine before we head back to colder climates. We’ll be staying at a St. Christopher, which is a brand of hostels we also stayed at in Berlin.
Portugal was definitely my favorite stop so far, but I’m sure I’ll have many more favorites.


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