Day 12: Lisbon, Portugal

Hunker down, it’s a long one!
Yesterday we got up at 3:30am to catch our train to the airport. It is extremely hard to do last minute packing and get out in the dark without waking sleeping roommates! It’s true that the more time you have, the more tasks you will find to fill it with, so we ended up having to run and just barely made our train. We had intended to buy our fare when we arrived, but since the train was already there we had to hop right on, leading us to stress the whole ride wondering if we’d get caught riding without tickets. But, we had good intentions!
We arrived at the airport, checked our luggage, and found a good spot for breakfast. I had two croissants and a €5 bottle of water (what the hell, Germany?!), and Kenz had a breakfast sandwich. We headed to our gate and had some down time before our flight, which we enjoyed after having to race that morning. On our way to our gate, we came across a Camel brand box lined with windows that is apparently a “smoking room”. Can you imagine trying to breathe in there?!?

We boarded, and I was thrilled to see that no one was sitting in the seat next to me. So, I put up the armrest, curled up with my travel pillow, and had the best plane nap ever! I forgot that I had been sick until we started to land. That ear pain, yikes! I definitely need to get this head cold under control before we fly again.

When we arrived in Lisbon, Portugal, we didn’t have to go through customs. We’re kind of bummed out that the countries we’re visiting aren’t stamping our passports! We exited the airport into 70* weather, sunshine and palm trees. So different from the cold we were experiencing in Munich!! We figured out the metro and made our way to our hostel. The train here is either the easiest to navigate so far, or we’re just getting better at it! Our walk from the metro to our hostel was surreal. Lisbon is beautiful. The buildings are all painted bright colors, and the cobblestone streets have so much character.
After a bit of searching, we found our hostel (Brickoven Palace). It is absolutely incredible! It was previously a convent, and was just recently converted to a hostel and opened September 1st. Every detail of this building is incredibly beautiful. From the moulding to the floors, everything is beautifully maintained and restored. The bottom floor features a huge shared kitchen, dining room, game room, library, extra bathroom, a movie room and a bar. From the kitchen, you can walk out to the incredible garden. There are palm trees, tons of flowers, gorgeous tile work covering the ground and benches and paths taking you to different areas of the grounds.

After settling in, we headed out to explore. We looked for places to eat, but didn’t see many vegetarian options. We now know you just have to ask, and most places have plenty of non meat options. We ended up eating lunch at a tiny restaurant with an outdoor seating area that faced a large plaza. I had a beer and ricotta spinach ravioli (YUM.), we shared garlic bread, and Kenz had a beer and tomato soup. A little while into our meal, a huge thunderstorm developed and the heaviest rain I’ve ever seen, which is saying a lot as an Oregonian. We started chatting with the couple next to us. They’re from London, have a 24 year old daughter whose doing the same kind of traveling we are, in Australia, and had tons of great travel info to share. They also told us about a club they went to that’s in a converted brothel, which we’ll be sure to visit this weekend!
After some downtime at the hostel, we headed back out to do some grocery shopping. I spent €25 on what would normally cost me $50 in the states. We headed back to the hostel (just a 3 minute walk!) to make dinner. Kenz made a stir fry and I made baked potatoes with olive oil and garlic, and corn. I had purchased what I thought were cubes of butter to use on my potatoes and corn, but it turned out to be blocks of yeast 😫.
We sat in the dining room, enjoyed our meal, made new friends, and drank way too much wine!


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