Day Ten: Munich

Today was a little different. We spent most of our morning working out credit card issues. Even though we called ahead of time to let our card companies know we’d be abroad, we both managed to have our cards frozen due to potential fraud. Mine has been rectified but Kenzie has to have a new card sent, which is mighty hard when you’re not at one address for more than a week at a time. There is no greater terror than being in a foreign country with your money frozen and little to no cell service. So, I’m glad that’s behind us!

Then we headed over to the market we visited yesterday for some lunch. Everything was starting to close so I ended up with my go to vegetarian meal of pretzels. While we were wandering, we came across Agent Provocateur, which is a gorgeous lingerie brand we carried at Posh. We had fun looking at all the gorgeous, very expensive pieces.

Next, we went to a museum Kenz found called Kunsthalle. It was full of unique pieces, all very modern. Most were multi dimensional, tying together a sound display and prints, or a video and an art installment. One of the final pieces featured a pointe dancing birthday cake, which I thouroughly enjoyed.

For dinner, we wandered some more and sort of collected things. I bought a slice of pizza which wasn’t great. Then, we found a sushi spot and a Vietnamese street food restaurant. I ordered avocado rolls from the sushi restaurant and Kenz tried salad rolls from both spots. Her final decision was that the sushi place had the best salad rolls, but the Vietnamese restaurant had better peanut sauce.

We’ve been sleeping in while in Munich, so we’re hoping to get up and out early tomorrow to do lots of exploring!



One thought on “Day Ten: Munich

  1. I look forward to your travel log & photo updates so much! I had heard of Agent Provocateur before, but to actually *see* the storefront is fun.
    Cannot wait to read your next installment. Safe travels!


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