Days Four and Five: Amsterdam and Traveling to Berlin

Yesterday was a whirlwind. We woke up in Alkmaar at our Airbnb, headed into town to ship home my carry on full of over packed items, and bought me a new, smaller carry on at Primark. Primark is amazing. It’s like if Forever 21 and Target had a baby. Everything is awesome, cheap, and they sell unicorn onesies. 
We enjoyed one last gorgeous walk down the canal, back to our Airbnb, and saw a couple and their dog paddle boarding. 

Next, we walked to the train station to head back to Amsterdam. We arrived, and after quite a bit of searching found our hostel. It was about halfway down one of the allies, with a big iron gate. After being buzzed in, we opened the front door to find the most ridiculous set of stairs I’ve ever seen. 

Then, we set out to explore. After walking for a couple of hours, we realized we were quite lost, but we thankfully have yet to get “too” lost. So, we just counted it as part of the adventure. We stopped into a market for water and found this food monstrosity that’s basically the epitome of how the rest of the world views Americans. I mean, even if I ate meat, and smoked all the weed in Amsterdam, this would still look horrific. 

After finally wandering our way back to our hostel, we got ready and headed out to dinner. We tried this fun ramen restaurant that absolutely did not disappoint. We used chopsticks like champs and sipped our sake. 

Next up was the carnival. We hadn’t seen it the first time, but as our daytime exploring had proven to us, we missed a lot on our first trip. At the end of our street, the city opened up into a pretty cool carnival with several rides. One of which was my ride of choice, the swings. This one, in particular, took you high above the city before it swung out, giving the most incredible view. It was a moment, and definitely my most magical moment so far. 

This morning, we got moving early, checked out and headed to breakfast. We had eggs, toast and hash browns, but were a little fearful of the eggs after the Alkmaar omelets I raved about in my last post gave us food poisoning. Then, was the train station, to get to the bus stop. And, now, we’re on our bus to Berlin! We won’t arrive until 8pm (8 hours total on the bus), but we can’t wait. Our bus was supposed to have Internet, but, as I write this in my phone notes and curse the wifi gods, it has yet to turn on. Some of our bus mates also seem to think “no smoking” means “Please, smoke in the bathroom”, so it smells delightful. 


3 thoughts on “Days Four and Five: Amsterdam and Traveling to Berlin

  1. You’re writing is stellar.
    Your photos are exceptional.
    You both look so happy & are creating memories that will last a lifetime. 💛 you both!


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