Alkmaar: Days Two & Three

Today was day two in Alkmaar, and tomorrow we head back to Amsterdam for one more night before taking a bus to Berlin! As much as we loved Amsterdam, Alkmaar gave us a less touristy look at The Netherlands. We’ve also gotten a lot of great tips from our Airbnb hosts. They’re artists, very fun, and like to ask us if everyone in Oregon is as nice as us. And, we have this awesome map in our room covered in pins left by other travelers marking their home towns.  ​

The house is a 100 year old Dutch home that sits on a canal, just down the street from Sint-Laurenskerk church ( This gorgeous church has bells that play every 15 minutes, however they never sound the same twice, and have no melody whatsoever. We’ve compared them to a toddler playing with a wind chime. 

We’ve spent most of our time here just wandering and exploring the shopping streets and gorgeous buildings. We grocery shopped yesterday and have cooked most of our own meals while here, but enjoyed omelettes for lunch at a sweet little French cafe, today!

Looking forward to visiting a few museums in Amsterdam tomorrow and enjoying some great weather! 


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