Amsterdam: DAY ONE

Today we fought jet lag all day. By 4pm (7am our time on day 4 of sleep in 30 minute increments!), we were seriously considering going to bed. But, we rallied and went exploring instead. We found a great coffee house 😉, finally bought stroop waffle, and inadvertently walked right into the Red Light District. We learned from a passing tour group that the girls used to dance in cages but customers thought it looked like a pet shop. So, they nixed the cages and slapped up some signs and the Red Light District was born. 

The thing I’ve looked forward to most is seeing all the culture and history Europe has to offer. We felt that tonight when we were standing on this bridge, looking down the canal, and surrounded by gorgeous old buildings. 

We also learned that if you don’t ask specifically for “tap water”, they’ll pour it out of a bottle and charge you for every glass. The more you know!

The coffee shop we visited:

View from our hostel room window:

Kenz using my headlamp to journal, like a boss:


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