We got on the plane!

This morning, upon arriving at our gate, I reminded the desk that we were the girls who were bumped yesterday. He remembered, and assured us that all was well and we wouldn’t need our backup plan (changing to an Alaska flight that left thirty minutes later). We got excited, hunkered down, chatted with some friends we ran into, and waited to board.

We boarded and found our first class seats (THANKS, SHELLY!) and finally started to let ourselves get excited. After everyone boarded the plane, the captain came on and let us know that, due to a maintenance issue, we’d all need to get off the plane while it was resolved.

With a new level of determination, I was the first off the plane, and abandoned my usual polite demeanor. I walked straight to the counter (cutting everyone šŸ˜¬) and alerted them that I would need to be transferred to our backup flight.

They sent us back to Shelly, who helped us tremendously in yesterday’s fiasco. When she went to put us on our backup flight, it was over booked. She then told us that our best option would be to fly into Orange County and find ground transportation to LAX. Then, just as we started to make our way down the rabbit hole of panic and anxiety, our original flight was deemed ready and we went back where we came from. But, not before Shelly ushered us to the front of the line and told everyone we’re VIP’s. So, clearly, we’re making friends. šŸ˜‰

As I sit on the plane, writing this post and watching the sun rise through my window, I don’t think I can even yet fathom the adventures we’re about to go on and the memories we’ll make.

Thanks for tagging along!


2 thoughts on “We got on the plane!

  1. Welcome to the world of travel! Patience and flexibility are key but so not be pushed around! Happy you are off on your grand adventure!


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